Monday, March 23, 2015

Getting Back Into Blogosphere

I have decided to get back into writing blogs. I felt that my English skills are becoming rusty ever since I started working here in Qatar. I regretted deleting my old blog few years ago. It would have been very nostalgic reading those posts taking me back to my glorious (I'm exaggerating)  years in college. Back to when I was surrounded with intellectually stimulating individuals. Thanks to my ex-girlfriend (shes married now btw) and her circle of friends who were all in the field of journalism, I was inspired by how they put their thoughts into words, and ideas into powerful statements. I remember designing and redesigning my blogs (and her blog), one thing that I enjoyed so much in blogging. I hope I could get back that spark of the little artist in me to design this page the same way as before.

I changed the title of my blogspot from Midnight Cavalier's Mysteries (very comic-ish noh?) to Midnight Blues (it sounded like I'm more mature now haha). So if ever you happen to stumble into this page (well, its not my fault anymore), please do understand that I am not a good writer, and that my thoughts are not as organized as it should be. That's it for today. I guess I said a lot of none sense (haha). Til next blogging session. Ciao!